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Consumers should always do their own research before deciding on what company to do business with.

All ratings and reviews should be seen as opinions and would not necessarily represent the business as a whole. 

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Rating and reviews are only opinions and should not be the only reason for choosing a businesses services 

Public Notice-some business could be listed as ads

All rating and reviews should be seen as opinions and should not be the only reason for using a businesses services. 

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You should always use other sources as well to make your final decision on what company to hire or make a purchase from.

The Better Business Bureau is a great source to investigate company history. Here is the BBB Link southernnevada.lasvegas.org

To many times a competitor will try to make another company look like their competition is not as good as them by simply giving other businesses bad reviews. Or Sometimes a business will give themselves to many good reviews pretending to be customers that are extremely happy. The truth is that about 90% of reviews are fake and do not represent the company as a whole. You should always do your own research but we believe that we have definitely created a system that will help most customers make a better decision between our rating system as well as our listing eligibility requirement. See our score rating system.

At http://www.locallasvegasbusinessdirectory.com/ we have a review system that allows us to know better whether or not the review is real or fake. To make a review you must send us a receipt along with the review so we can verify that the person attempting to do a review is real. Therefore you should not see many reviews as we believe most reviews are fake reviews



Welcome to locallasvegasbusinessdirectory.com. The only Las Vegas business search directory that only lists what we believe to be the most outstanding businesses in their field today. Unlike any other Las Vegas business directory you will not see hundreds of business listings in every category. Our Las Vegas business directory will show up to six business results that had to meet my personal expectations as well as what we believe to be superior customer service with an impeccable business history as well as great ethics. Any business that we list is usually in business for two years or more. If you would like us to ad a business that you think we would like please send us the information through the contact page.

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