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The Man Who Is Changing How Solar Power Will Be Sold!

The man who has changed how solar energy is sold in Boca Raton Florida.

​Owen is already the entrepreneur of the year so he had nothing to prove coming in to the field of solar energy but he says that this was the easiest decision he ever made. In fact Owen got into the field of energy solar power by mistake as he had a company approach him about getting solar energy on his own home. He says that the first thing he noticed was that the sales guy was trying to sell  him off-the-wall name brands. And if you've been following this entrepreneur you already know that for Owen it's all about customer satisfaction and reliable product delivery. This was just the first problem with this industry he said, than I saw the salesman do everything in his power to get me to sign a contract that I wasn't ready to sign. This was a wake up call that something needs to change with this industry. Solar energy should be a thought out decision that makes sense for everybody. It literally took only 48 hours to come up with a plan on how to start a solar energy company that will be good for everyone. Solar energy Boca Raton service and installation.

​And so Fidelity Solar Energy Of Boca Raton in Florida was formed. The company is built around the idea that customers need to know all the facts before agreeing to get solar energy power. Another important goal that Owen had from the beginning is to offer name brands to all his solar energy clients in Boca Raton and the surrounding areas. 

This meant that the profit was less important and that the customer was advised every time to use solar energy that would last for years to come,

''It's all about the consumer''. Solar energy Boca Raton FL. 

Owens favorite solar energy name brand is Panasonic, and when you read about it you'll understand. Panasonic is a company that truly cares about what kind of products they are putting out on the market so it's no wonder that their solar energy panels are amazing. 

For more information about Owens solar energy company in Boca Raton Florida see company link <Fidelity Solar Energy in Boca Raton link>