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What famous person has made the switch to go with A solar energy power panel systems.

There's many people who've switched to solar energy power these days, but what you might not know is that there's many people who have not done it for the savings but rather help protect the environment.

solar energy power Port St Lucie.

Tom Hanks is one of many people who have switched to solar energy power, and we all know that Mr. Hanks certainly doesn't have lack of funds. In fact, Tom Hanks has always been a friend to the environment I'd say.

The idea of going with a solar energy panel system without spending more in the long run should be so easy to do. And even though some people are installing a solar energy power system because it money smart is okay too. 

solar energy panels Port St Lucie Florida

Take Robert Matthew Van Winkle also know as Vanilla Ice. He does many home improvements as you might have seen on TV. Some of the homes in Port St Lucie have a solar energy system making the home more affordable in the long run as well as more prestigious to some. solar energy power systems Port St Lucie

Brad Pitt has also spent a pretty penny on solar energy panels. He is a huge fan of helping the environment an so many ways. He has helped build 150 storm resistant solar powered and energy-efficient houses through his foundation. 

solar energy panels port st lucie

​Megan Fox the famous beloved actress. Her old home has a solar energy system in Port St Lucie Florida, but not sure if she has one today. Never the less we know she cares about the world as a whole.

solar energy power port st lucie.

Woody Harrelson is well known for his environmentalism. He has been a big supporter of alternative energy sources. Woody supports everything from biodiesel to solar energy power. I'm sure he has a solar energy panels on his home but wasn't able to confirm it. 

solar energy systems Port St Lucie.

The amazing Julia Roberts has had her home done to be eco-friendly all around. Mrs. Roberts has a solar energy power panels running her home like the champ she has always been. ​ 

​Rachel McAdams who lives far from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, Has a solar energy panel system on her home in Canada. We love that she lives by example. She even unplugs electronics when she doesn't use them. 

​Larry J. Catz the activist has a solar energy power system in Port St Lucie Florida. His home has a 27 KW solar power system. And even though he doesn't ask to be famous to me he will always be. Thank you Larry for being an amazing individual who lives by example. 

​Orlando Bloom is an amazing gent. He has built his residence to be budgeted around the idea of having his home as eco-friendly as possible. The home has many features but the one that is noticed more by me is the solar energy panel system that is helping run the home to just about 100% self-sufficiency. 

​The one person that I probably didn't even need to list do to the outspoken personality is Ed Begley, Jr. He has been a outspoken activist and a huge supporter of renewable energy since I can remember. I once saw him on a TV show bicycling for energy before using home appliance. The solar energy system on his home should be amazing. 

​Alicia Silverstone, her all about the environment personality is just breath taking. Her Los Angeles home has been transformed into an enviro friendly fortress, with an unbelievable solar panels system, materials recycled from older buildings, LED power saving lights,  and the latest energy saving appliances. 

Danny Devito is among the biggest celebrity backers of solar energy power. And it shouldn't be a surprise. He and his amazing wife Rhea Perlman have always been huge supporters to the environment. They are among the biggest celebrity backers of solar renewable energy for many years, thank you so much. 

solar energy power panels system Port St Lucie

​Former guru Russian businessman Mr. Gorlovitzki. Who is not as known as the others. Has a solar energy power panel system in Port St Lucie that I could only wish for, and with an outlook that he has on what the world needs to be to become a better place, I sure hope he would write a book as to how to take steps today to be in a better place tomorrow. Who knows maybe this will give him the idea. 

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