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In the press we herd about the family who had all of their Christmas presents stolen and I’m sorry to say that though only one family made the news we had numerous callouts in Las Vegas between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year with similar circumstances

The holiday season is very different for burglars. for couple of reasons:
A. Burglars understand that during this time of the year there are often many homes left unattended as families gather at one anothers house for the holidays celebration.

B. It takes a lot of stupidity to break into a house but  there’s one thing that gets people such level of acts. Drugs. Those strung out drugs at some point are in need of a fix and holiday season of gift giving brings all the opportunists to action.

Break-ins don't always come on the day you would expect just ask any
Las Vegas Locksmith
C. Break-in on Thanksgiving Day where the family had gone to visit other family members. The thieves took all the pricy electronic including a new PS4 and an audio system. It was not a very sophisticated break-in just rong the front door bell to make sure no one’s home as seen on camara and continued on as if it was no big deal.

D. Some break-ins were open sliding doors during the evening while the residents were still home. There is nothing more frightening to realise than that someone has entered your home.

As a result of these Las Vegas break-ins our locksmith company have put out a recommendation
1. Motion activated lights.
2. Security screens on vulnerable spots of the house
3. Deadbolts that are pick and bump-key resistant ( ask your locksmith for more information).
4. An alarm system -one that has backup power and signal.

Glad to say the majority of
locksmith callouts between Halloween and Christmas in Las Vegas have been do to emergency lockouts with lost keys being the major reason.

So enjoying yourself and have a safe and happy holiday.


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After a long day at your job, all that you look forward to is coming home and relaxing. The one thing that stops you is that once you get to your vehicle you realize that you left your keys inside the car and locked yourself out. Not only in this situation, have you ever noticed how many keys does an average person have at some point? Most people are known to carry about 10 keys. Unfortunately, we’ve all done this at one point or another. We’ve locked our keys in the car or locked ourselves out of the house, and everyone knows how stressful and what a hassle it can be. In most cases, the only person who can save you out of this dreadful moment is a trustworthy Las Vegas locksmith.

A good Las Vegas locksmith is a great resource, because, it can be a costly mistake not choosing a competent
locksmith in Las Vegas. But finding a good locksmith is not on most peoples’ to do list. In fact many people never think about the locksmith they would hire until an emergency comes upon you. As locksmith scams have been mentioned in the Las Vegas news again and again as a fast-growing problem in the recent years, security experts recommend taking some time to choose a locksmith you can rely on in the case of an emergency an advance. Follow these simple tips below to avoid making a bigger mistake. 

Don’t Wait Until an Emergency, Prepare in Advance 

​Your Las Vegas Locksmith Should Be Local ( No 1800 companies ) 

​Look for an Established locksmith Company that's been doing business in Las Vegas for a long time. 

​Proper Market Survey and Referrals if possible 

​Get an Estimate before any work starts ''best and worst case scenario''.

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Don’t let your kids leave bikes in the front yard.  Not only are they easy to steal, it tells a thief who might be driving past your Las Vegas house casing it that you aren’t really concerned with the security. If expensive looking bikes are left unlocked what else might be easy for the take.
Connect some electrical items such as lights and stereos up to timers to come on during the day whie your away.  You will use more electricity but most burglar target empty homes during the day. 

This is going to sound a bit like common sense but don’t leave a door key under the mat, not the front or back door mat.  That’s the first place any thief will look and then under the nearby pot plants.  If you must leave a spare key out It should be kept as far away as possible from the door to your home itself and certainly not in a place where someone can see you retrieving it emergency keys are best left with a trusted friend or neighbour. 

Remember that they beautiful high hedge or paling fence which provides you with so much wonderful privacy also provides thieves with the privacy to take their time breaking into your home. A high fence is not an addition to your security measures – it’s an added security problem.

Be alert to what is going on in your neighbourhood. Get to know your neighbours. The vigilant neighbourhood creates a scenario where intruders are recognised as being strangers to the area.  A neighbour who does not know you might think the nice looking guy walking up and down your driveway is you as opposed to the thief emptying your house that he really is.

If you are going away, ensure someone collects your mail, mows your lawn, you cancel your newspaper subscription.  If possible get someone to house sit while you’re away, certainly set your timers to that your house is not constantly dark and perhaps ask a neighbour to park the car in your driveway to make it look occupied especially during peak holiday season thieves case streets looking for homes with the owners appear to be away. 
Secure your home. Deadlocks front and rear, locks on the windows, consider a home alarm system or a surveillance camera system. Neither are exceptionally expensive any more.  If you’ve just moved into a new home you need to change all the barrels on the deadlocks. 

And make sure the Las Vegas locksmith and alarm company your hiring comes recommended by others as well as licensed 

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