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As you move into a new home one of your first concerns is who has my home keys besides me. You think I'll just pick up the phone and call a locksmith Las Vegas company and have them rekey my locks. But now your thoughts are what Las Vegas locksmith company should I call and how do I know I can trust this locksmith company, after all who are these guys that are going to come over and take my locks apart and give me new keys. So here are some things you should know. All Las Vegas locksmith employees must have a Locksmith Las Vegas I.D. card that says locksmith licensed and it's issued by the Las Vegas metro police Department (the North Las Vegas Police Department has the same thing). Keep in mind the locksmith Las Vegas police issued I.D. is only given to locksmiths with clean background checks. There's also a law in place that all Las Vegas locksmiths must show up an a company market car. This was put in place do to the fact that most illegal Las Vegas locksmiths companies subcontract locksmiths that have no company name or marked cars.

Always ask the locksmith company dispatcher your calling will the locksmith have a locksmith I.D. and will the company car be marked? THE ANSWER SHOULD ALWAYS BE , YES

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