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What type of Rekey Service is my Las Vegas locksmith really giving me?

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As I was getting my house rekeyed I decided to ask my Las Vegas locksmith a question. Is there a difference between one rekey and another? 

The answer was yes to my surprise, however I did not know there's several options if you use an educated locksmith. The Las Vegas locksmith I was using had ask me to come to his van so he can show me the difference. The first thing he showed me was a the pins most locksmith install, these pins are more rounded at the end allowing for easy picking as it didn't require a whole lot of accuracy. The 2nd pin I was shown was flat at the end making it harder to get just right, but was still pickable but with a little more time needed in most cases. The third pin looked more complicated as it looked like a mushroom, this pin was designed to confuse even a good locksmith. The Las Vegas locksmith I was using had explained to me how picking a lock works and how all pins had to be lined up just right an order to turn the lock open or close. The mushroom pin was designed to get stock in between the top chamber and the bottom chamber jamming the lock from turning, but than he showed me a fourth pin system but I had promised that I would not write about it as he explained that it wasn't available to most locksmiths and until the patent was secured he would appreciate if I would not talk about it. If you would like to get your home or business rekeyed by a great Las Vegas Locksmith here's a link to the company I used