Finding a Las Vegas General Contractor that will not just get the job done but get it done in a nice and timely matter so you as a consumer will be satisfied is no easy task. You should always be aware that you could be hiring an Illegal General Contractor and should always check to see if the Las Vegas General Contractor your thinking of hiring is legit. Here is a link to the Nevada Contractor board to see if the General Contractor you thinking of hiring for your Las Vegas project is licensed to do the job.                  Contractor Board link 

​You can also check to see if the Las Vegas General Contractor has a good rating with consumers. 

​The Better Business Bureau is a good source to check about aGeneral contractor in Las Vegas.  Remember no rating is good rating, consumers usually complain when they're unhappy but never say anything when they are happy. Check links below to see what you can find about your General Contractor Las Vegas services. 

​  www.BBB,ORG/souther-nevada  and

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Here are some recommended General Contractors in Las Vegas 



​3. Martin Harris 

​4. SR Construction 

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