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Our business directory list of companies that we personally believe to be some of the best in the Las Vegas Metro area

All award winning companies are award winners out of the list of companies that have asked to be part of the award consideration. If you're a business owner and would like your business to be up for an award please send us your information at www.locallasvegasbusinessdirectory.com/contact-us.html

This personally owned Business Directory also known as www.locallasvegasbusinessdirectory.com is not responsible for any copyright infringement for any listing created by the public or business owner,  but will remove or correct any listing that has made any copyright infringement upon notice.

All awards given on www.locallasvegasbusinessdirectory.com are out of businesses that have been listed and evaluated on this website. The business owner or an employee would have to submit the business for award consideration. (see bottom of the page for more information)


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About us. 

This Las Vegas Business Directory is a site developed purely on the believe that to many of us have hired or have gone to a business that did not deliver what we had either hoped for

or felt we were promised.

It's absolutely true to say that all this is just an opinion and some may even say it's not what we have experienced with a particular business that is either listed or not listed,

but it's an opinion that has either got a company listed or not listed with this business directory website ( This website only represents our personal opinion).

​www.locallasvegasbusinessdirectory.com should only be a small assistance in helping you decide what kind of a company you should use. You should always do your own research beside our business listing information before you choose a company to do business with.