First UMC Hospital has a Psychiatrist on staff 1951

Psychiatrist Services are first available in Las Vegas 1947

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A Las Vegas Psychiatrist Opens the first office August 1949

The History of Psychiatrists in Las Vegas 

Nevada Board of Examiners 

Moves toward better defining 

Psychiatrist requirements 

First step in creating The Nevada

Medical Board as we know it 1952

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Just like any city in the world Las Vegas had gone through growing pains but just not like others. As a city that most came to work hear but did not bring family's at first people had gone through depressions. 

After all every time people feel depressed they turn to family but when that's not there it can get bad.

It was the hotel business that in 1947 had brought the first psychiatrist Las Vegas doctor to deal with the employee depression. The hotel was called the Flamingo, and the operation manager at the time Mr. Siegel noticed that it was hard to keep good employees even if they where paid good. So at that time he had a Psychiatrist come to Las Vegas every other week on Monday's and Tuesday's to help employees that needed support. This first psychiatrist Las Vegas service provider was Dr. Fishinzon.

Dr. Fishinzon was a psychiatrist from California that had graduated from UCLA, in fact he was in the first class of UCLA's gradation class as the school was opened in May of 1919. However this new Las Vegas psychiatrist service was kept under wraps as the persona was that if you need a psychiatrist you most be weak and fragile. These where different times and there was a heavy population of gangsters and if anyone thought you had gone to Dr. Fishinzon they wouldn't look at you the same way you would hope. As a psychiatrist Las Vegas service provider Dr. Fishinzon had drove back an forth from his home town till August of 1949 when Dr. Goldblum had opened an office for psychiatrist Las Vegas services. Dr. Goldblum was the first psychiatrist in Las Vegas that made it his hometown. The office was open four days a week but most people would have Dr. Goldblum come to them for their needed psychiatrist services. This way they where hoping no one would notice they had help from a psychiatrist

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Dr. Fishinzon brings his psychiatrist services to Las Vegas in 1947 do to the hotel industry needing a way to deal with lonely depressed workers. 

The first psychiatrist Las Vegas doctors office was founded in August of 1949 by Dr. Goldblum.

All though UMC hospital has been opened in 1931. It never had a full time Las Vegas psychiatrist till 1951. 

Although Nevada had a Medical Board it's in 1952 that Nevada had put together a Medical Board like any big city in the U.S.A, 

The Nevada Medical Board always had the Authority over any one acting as a Doctor including anyone providing psychiatrist services, but it was in 1968 that the board had taken steps to really describe the nature and scope of psychiatrists in Nevada.